nedjelja, 9. veljače 2014.

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subota, 8. veljače 2014.

Bohemian dream

a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.
synonyms:noncomformist, unconventional person, hippy, avant-gardist, free spirit, artistic person; 
A bohemian wedding is a vision of rustic atmosphere, land- wild flowers, oriental/ etno ornaments, warm colors and picnic food.
The bohemian bride and broom have a distinguished sense of style that very often represents their worldview and philisophy.
The bride look is often very light, fresh and "messi" could say elfish, when the broom choses to look more like a 50´s buisnessman or a indi rock star...
It is classy, fashionable, chic, friendly and aestheticaly undeniable.